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1984 is a pervasive game for four players based on George Orwell’s memorable work, 1984.


I was attracted by the dystopian world’s philosophy, its darkness and gloom. I therefore designed this game in a way that players could experience the world view of the novel and the emotions of living in a controlled society, just like 1984. The game was played at the pervasive game festival “Come Out and Play, Seoul”.



The players of 1984 are resistance fighters of a secret organization. There are 16 rooms and each room has notes of a certain word that within. Those notes contain the truth about a fraudulent act that Big Brother has committed. The players have to collect all the truth and escape without being noticed. They can only move through where there are no surveillance screens. Every 3 minutes all players must vote for a room to declare in order to avert suspicion from Big Brother.

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